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About Deborah Miller-Gurchak - Hollybush Dog Training

Classes And Training Resume

  • Green Valley Canine College- Dorothy Mulvaney
  • Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club
  • Dogs r Us
  • Sullivan Dog Training-Gertrude Sullivan
  • Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club
  • 4 Paws Performance Training-Bill Herbein
  • Excel Canine Training Center
  • Western Pa. Kennel Association
  • Keith Johnson
  • Cathy Ward
  • Candace Heller
  • Donna Rohuas
  • Four Season K-9 Athletic Center


Photo by Cindy Noland

Shamont's Paden Blu CD RN NAJ
Ellis, Owned and Trained by Deborah Miller-Gurchak


Attended Seminars

  • Canine Movement-Rachel Page Elliott
  • Canine Abnormalities - John Lasley, Ph.D.
  • Canine Genetics-Kenneth Goodwin, Ph. D.
  • Anatomy of Movement-Quentin LaHam
  • Inherited Bleeding Disorders And Hypothyrodism - W. Jean Dodds
  • Dog Training – 40 Hours – MARGARET / MILO PEARSALL(1977)
  • Dogsteps-Illustrated Gait at a Glance-Rachael Page Elliott(1979)
  • N.D.O.A.- SPECIFIC/Non-Specific Breed Dog Laws (1989)-AKC. WPKA. and the UKC
  • D.D.I. – Interaction Communication (1991)\
  • 14TH Annual Dog Fanciers Seminar-Frances O. Smith, DVM,Ph.D.
  • Neonatal care, breeding, management, vaccination protocol, parasite control, sick and or critically ill care. (1992)
  • Obedience Workshop For Trainers-Animation And Accuracy Bill Lee and Nancy Patton GTOTC (16 hours)(1993)
  • 15th Annual Dog Fanciers Seminar-Robert J. Washabau, VMD, Ph.D. Dipl. ACVIM Dept. of Clinical Studies-University. Of Pennsylvania “Gastrointestinal Problems of the Dog”(1994)
  • Canine Structure and Locomotion-Robert Cole Seminar
  • Obedience Training Seminar-Robert Self and McCosky (1995)
  • 17th Annual Dog Fanciers Seminar-Canine Behavior-Karen Overall, VMD, Ph.D. Dipl. – American College of Behavioral Medicine (1996)
  • Dee Dee Rose Seminar- Obedience Training/Behavioral ( 1999)
  • Rally Obedience Seminar-GTOTC (2005)
  • Cesar Millan-Training Seminar(2006)
  • A Laura Romanik Seminar- Bridging the Gap-Behavior and Training – Admiral Perry Dog Training (2008)
  • Genetics Seminar - Kim Schive (Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Pittsburgh) (2009)
  • Conformation Workshop (Westmoreland Training Obedience Training Center held in conjunction with Laurel Highland Kennel Assoc. and Bushy Run Kennel Club) (2009)
  • Obedience - From the Judges’ Perspective (Walshesky & Glabicki-WCOTC-2009)


Hollybush Dog Training

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